Friday, 9 December 2011

Getting Close

Brian introduced our 4-man team and our 2012 Big Canada Year plans in his opening post on August 15th. Now, suddenly, we are very close to getting underway. To help prepare my wife for what lies ahead in 2012 I took her to see the movie "Big Year". I believe she enjoyed it but I haven't heard her clamoring to join in - certainly not on our first trip of the year which will be to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in January! That trip isn't likely to pass her double digit test which means temperatures above 10 deg C.!

The four of us undoubtedly have slightly different objectives for this Big Year adventure. For myself, first and foremost will be to get my Canada list up to a more respectable 425 from where it currently languishes at a mere 394. I am also hoping to visit all 13 provinces and territories. The Yukon is a must because I've not been there previously, but there's a few key places in the other 12 I'd like to visit too, such as the Queen Charlotte Islands in B.C. and Churchill in Manitoba. And I've not been to Nunavut since it became Nunavut. Finally, I'm hoping to see and learn a bit more about some of Canada's mammals. Brian's earlier post spoke of a combined target for mammals and birds of 450. Lately we've been musing about a more ambitious number of 500. It has a better ring to it!

Ultimately however, it's about seeing more places in this magnificent country, meeting some new and interesting people and spending time with some good friends, doing what we all love to do.......go birding!

Looking forward to getting started..................Ray

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