Monday, 23 January 2012

An Owl and a Falcon!

Immature Snowy Owl,
 Taking advantage of our improved weather and some recent good sightings to the north of Calgary, Phil, Mike and I spent a pleasant afternoon cruising the rural area between Symonds Valley Rd and Balzac looking for a Snowy Owl and a Prairie Falcon.

The owl showed up almost immediately on exactly the same power pole where I encountered it on a solo outing last week! There must be a decent food supply in the area. About an hour later, a Prairie Falcon swooped down right in front of us, providing us with a wonderful view as it raced away to the south, eventually coming to rest on a distant fence post. Both of them new team birds bringing our Fur & Feathers tally to 111.

Also of note in the area was a Rough-legged Hawk and three Pine Grosbeaks.......and several hundred Canada Geese feeding in the surrounding fields. Just eight species in total for this little outing but great to see the owl and the falcon!

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