Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fur and Feathers 500 Photo Book

After working on our book for what seems like forever, we are almost finished.  You can view the book at: 
The book was prepared using Lightroom and then uploaded directly to Blurb.  I did the layout work and Ray and Phil did the proofing.  The price is the same as what we pay (no markup).  There are often promo codes that can save some money - FIN2012 is good until Jan. 28th for a 15% discount.  I also plan to have a pdf version that you can download for free (from a site to be determined – not from 

Thanks again for your comments throughout the year.  In a recent comment, someone asked if we would be doing a presentation and the answer is yes – Wed. April 3 to the Bird Study Group of Nature Calgary.  Details will appear on the Nature Calgary website in March.

Good birding and mammaling!

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